BEFORE READING: This has NOTHING to do with our FalixCoins application, nor does the app mentioned in the article feature FalixCoins earning. Our coin app is an entirely separate app.

FalixNodes App Relaunch

Hello React Native!

We launched an app last year in 2020 that was supposed to be similar to our desktop app, but there were issues along the way because the developer was inexperienced to the Android Studio environment. As previously stated, the app was designed to be as similar to our desktop app as possible, allowing users to access FalixNodes from a single application. Viewing their client panel, game panel, our help center, news, status page, and other services. Starting back in late October this year, we tried again at making the app, but wanted to try something different. So our developer took an alternative approach to developing the app, redesigning it in React Native.

The app was considerably easier and faster to create thanks to React Native. Although, once again, our developer is inexperienced, but to React Native and is continually discovering new features. We ended up choosing React Native because it is written mostly in JavaScript and is categorised as a hybrid framework, which means it is platform neutral. It’s a simple ‘write once, run anywhere’ situation, allowing us to deploy and test our app on both Android and iOS. Along the way, we also discovered Expo, a common tool used in React Native, this is used to help test and build our app for both platforms.

Wanna Test It?

Yes, our app is still in alpha stages while it is being rewritten, however it is essentially functional. You are free to test our software because it is fully open source on our GitHub and can be installed from Google Play*.

Currently you should be able to view four tabs that being News, Client Area, Game Panel, and Help Center. We’ll add more things like status page and such to the app later on. Controls for Client Area and Game Panel have been added for Android users, to easily navigate back and forth or reloading the page(iOS users have gestures like Safari).

The application has only been tested on an iPhone 8(iOS 14.1), iPhone 11(iOS 15.2), and OnePlus Nord 2(Oxygen OS 11) during developement.


If you have any questions about the application, please ask Korbs#0001 on our Discord server.


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