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Plugin Review Terra

Plugin Review: Terra

You can see the Terra terrain creation in action in the picture header on our website if you look attentively at it. It’s quite beautiful.

What is it?

Terra is a modern world generation modding platform, primarily for Minecraft. Terra allows complete customization of world generation with an advanced API, tightly integrated with a powerful configuration system.

Terra consists of several parts:

Terra currently officially supports the Fabric mod loader and the Bukkit API (Paper and friends). We welcome Pull Requests implementing additional platforms!


It’s true that the Terra plugin is extremely adaptable for your server; we mean it! Everything, from the biomes to the trees to the constructions to the caverns and cliffs, and more, can be customized. Despite the fact that I wish the configurations were more user-friendly, something that was simpler to understand for everyone. As an example, there is a configuration made by Valant1s which does this to a forest:

Terra Configuration


When compared to the vanilla look of Minecraft in the villages, the structure has a slightly distinct aesthetic feel. In addition, Terra enlarges structures, whereas vanilla constructions are often lower in size. Although sadly, the /locate command is not accurate at all when using Terra.


A cave was discovered while following a river and admiring the breathtaking scenery around it. In fact, the river pierced into the cave!

It appears that this was not intentional, but it does look wonderful because the cave generation has blended in extremely nicely with the rest of the terrain’s environment, but as we developers like to say: “ It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”.

River merged with cave


Screenshots are shot by Korbs Studio using Complementary shaders using RTX-ish profile.


Download for Spigot