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Removal of 24/7 support

Update: We’ve recently introduced new premium plans you can view in the Client Panel, which has “24/7” has a benefit.

Why We No Longer Provide 24/7 Servers

Previous FalixNodes customers may recall that we used to promote 24/7 hosting but dropped it a few months ago (September 2021). However, as we’ve grown in popularity for hosting “free” servers, it’s become increasingly difficult for us to supply these free 24/7 servers to both old and new clients.

We would be happy to continue providing 24/7 servers, however there would be dilemma, to provide actually real 24/7 (where your server will be kept even for whole year online), we would need WAY MUCH more finance than we currently have.

The Cost of Hosting a 24/7 Service

For example, let’s take this scenario:

We have 37,960 active servers and each server would consume an average of 2 GB memory and 40% CPU usage. To keep every server 24/7 online all at once, it would take 1,186 machines to host it. Each machine costs 46.8 euros, so in total it would be 55,504.8 euros per month! That’s crazy, isn’t it?

If we checked our current finance of 4,000 euro per month, we would lose 51,504.8 euro every month, who would cover that? We are not Google or any other large corporation with vast resources to do so!

What We Do Offer

Please be grateful for the current servers we provide, because it can still become really costly to provide current non-24/7 servers, and we try our best to provide the best server quality. Free 24/7 hosting is not possible since we have a limited amount of resources to assign to every server. If it were to be filled up with inactive servers, then we would have no more RAM and CPU to give to new servers.

At FalixNodes, your server will be kept online as long as there are players online. There is no queue before starting your server or a renewal option which you have to renew every hour, but after 1 hour of inactivity on the server, it will stop. Any attempt to bypass it will get your account banned from our service.