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Last Updated on 16th March 2024

What Are Guidelines?

Guidelines are a set of rules created to inform users of what they are allowed to do with our services and what is prohibited. Guidelines ensure fair usage among all of our users and avoid excessive usage or abuse of our services. Our team generally uses these set restrictions to justify the punishment applied to your account or servers.

You may:

You Are NOT Allowed To:

Falix Rights

We reserve the right to impose punishment on your Falix account and/or servers if we believe that your actions might cause damage to Falix users, the Falix infrastructure or other entities and people beyond Falix. Our punishment can range from temporary suspension to permanent termination with no right to a new Falix account. We will generally let you know the reason for your punishment.


If you believe that the punishments imposed on you are based on an unfair clause, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]. We do not guarantee that your punishment will be removed.