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Setting Up Discord Bot in NodeJS - Falix

Creating And Hosting a Discord Bot Using Discord.js

Creating a Bot

First, simply go to Discord’s Developers Portal and login. Then, click on “New Application” in the top right corner of the screen, give it a name and click on “Create”. After that, click on bot on the side menu, press “add bot” and confirm it. You’ve successfully created the bot account!

Coding a Bot

To start coding your Discord bot, please refer to the official Discord.js guide for a detailed step-by-step guide with further information and examples.

Hosting The Bot

Discord Bot hosting is only available on our Premium plans.

To host your bot on our service, you need a server. To create one, follow this article. Head over to the Game Panel, log in and select the server you’ve just created. Once you’re there, go to your server’s file manager. A button for it can be found on the top nav bar. Now, simply upload your project files, make sure to include the package.json, package-lock.json, and your main/start file. Wait for the upload to be complete and navigate back to your server’s console, then start your server. You’ll be shown a bunch of options including Bot hosting. Since we’re hosting a Discord bot, type 5 and press enter. You will now see 2 options, one for Discord bot hosting, and other for SinusBot hosting. Type 1, for Discord bot hosting. Your server will restart and you’ll now be shown a new menu with a bunch of options. If not, start the server manually. Now that that’s done, let’s install the discord.js package. To do this, select number 5 (Install NodeJS package), and type discord.js. Afterwards, choose a NodeJS version and wait for the package to be installed. The server will shut down after the installation, so start it again once it’s finished installing. Following on, choose option 1 to start the NodeJS server. Then, type the name of your bot’s main/start file, (usually index.js). You’ll then be asked for a NodeJS version, it’s recommended to use the latest stable version. Enter the version you’d like, then wait a bit, and your server should be ready, and your bot online!

You can change the NodeJS version under the startup tab so that it is set automatically.