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Adding Sub-Users to Your Server

A Guide to Adding Sub-Users to Your Server

This guide will explain in detail on how to add sub-users to your server using the “Users” tab in the Dashboard. This feature allows you to easily give your friends or co-workers access to your server.

Make sure the user you are adding is already registered in FalixNodes, otherwise this will not work.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Scroll down and locate your server, then click on “Play”.
  3. On the top navbar, hover over “Advanced Features”, then navigate to “Subusers”.
  4. Scroll down, then click on “New User”.
  5. A popup should appear, insert the email of the user you wish to add as a sub-user in the given field, then click on “Add”.
  6. Check the boxes depending on which permissions you want to give the user.
  7. Click on “Add” once more.
  8. Ask the user you added to check their Dashboard, they should have access to your server.