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Sending Minecraft Server Logs - Falix

Why Send Server Logs

Sending server logs is very important when making a ticket or asking for help. By sending your server’s logs you help us find and understand what your issue is.

The Different Type Of Logs

There are are 2 main types of log files:

- Server Logs 
	- This is the main kind of server logs. it will contain issues with plugins and warnings, this is what usually shows up on your console.
- Crash Report
	- This is the type of logs we would ask for when your server crashes, this gives us information on how/why the server crashed.

How To Send Server Logs

  1. Login to the game panel.
  2. Select the server you need to send logs for.
  3. Press send logs. image
  4. Press open logs. image
  5. Copy the link it opens in your browser and paste it in support or in your ticket

How To Send a Crash Report

  1. Login to the game panel.
  2. Select the server that you need to send the crash report for.
  3. Open the file mangager.
  4. Download crash-yyyy-mm-dd_hh.mm.ss-server.txt. This is the crash report!