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Tickets and Support - Falix

Where to Ask


Other Options:

Creating a Ticket

While creating a ticket may be simple to do, this article will also provide recommendations on how you should provide your question or issue to our staff members to give clear communication to them.

Viewing our Discord

All tickets are done via our Discord server, you can join by clicking here.

Creating the Ticket

To make a ticket email [email protected], or go to the create ticket channel in the discord server

Then choose the category your ticket falls under, then enter then explain what you need help with.

After creating your ticket make sure to attach server logs for server issues, and account information such as your Discord ID/email for account issues.

Falix employees will never ask for any of your passwords.

Providing Clear Communication

To help make things easier for us and to get things done faster for you, we recommend you to speak with clear commucations, speak only in English, proper grammar, and to provide as much information as you can right away.

Just saying things like “Please help”, “My bot is broken”, or “My server isn’t working” isn’t really gonna get you anywhere, as this doesn’t really explain much for us staff. Also saying stuff like “Can I ask a question?” is not a good idea either, we don’t like seeing customers asking to ask, as this just waste more of your and our time. Don’t ask to ask, just ask.

If you’re having an issue with a server make sure to attach the full log file. If it is an account related issue please send your Discord ID/account email so we can help you faster.

Speaking Proper English

We understand why your English may be broken, as we have tons of customers from other country whose native language isn’t English. To help with this, we recommend that you just use a translater and a grammar checker.

Most commonly, Google Translate and Grammarly are used.

Real Examples

  1. Orignal: “hello all! i have a question. Did i can change my IP address in falix nodes? to numbers”

    The correct way: “Hello all! I have a question. Can I change my IP address in FalixNodes to numbers?”

  2. Orignal: “how to make speed server”

    The correct way: “How can I make my server faster?” or “Is there a way to make my server faster?”.

  3. Original: “on old IM thing none falix bot”

    The correct way: “On the older version of Falix, there were options for Discord bots.”


Outage or Maintenance

There may be an issue that we’re aware of and there’s a chance we may have announced it already in our status or announcements channel on our Discord server or on the forum.

Console and Logs

The console can provide helpful information when something goes wrong, usually this helpful information recommends you to do something in order to resolve the issue on your own.

Let’s see some examples:

  • You have a corrupted jar file, console outputs:
     Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile server.jar or custom.jar

    This means something is wrong with the jar file you’re using for your server. Simply just replace the jar file with a replacement.

If you’re having this issue with BungeeCord, read here.

Look Around the Help Center

You’re here, might as well look around. If you’re having an issue, it may have already been covered here at our help center.