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Troubleshooting and Errors about your Minecraft Server - Falix


Corrupted Bungeecord JAR File

Delete the bungeecord.jar and bungeecord.server file in your file manager, then upload the BungeeCord.jar file from the official Jenkins build and rename it to custom.jar. Then try booting your server again.

BungeeCord IP Forwarding

Error Message: If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well! If this error appears when attempting to connect to your BungeeCord server, you should then edit the configuration file in your proxy server.

Edit the config.yml file, make sure that ip_forward is set to true.

Simply restart the proxy server upon saving the configuration.


Error 137

This error indicates that your server is using too much CPU to the point of overloading. The server automatically turns off to prevent overload of the whole node.

Server Creation Error

There are a vast array of reasons why you may be unable to create a new server.

Resource Limitation

You may not have enough resources left to create a server which may be caused by the limit of RAM, CPU cores, server slots, etc.

Node is at Full Compacity

The node for the location you’ve preferred might have been full.

Server Creation is Disabled

For the time being, we may have disabled server creation. Simply refer to our Discord announcements channel.

Connection Issue

Every now and then you may see an error that says “We’re having some trouble connecting to your server, please wait…”. You’ll have to keep refreshing the page or wait until the connection is established.

User Limit of Inotify Istances Reached or to Many Files

This is an error that you will receive when we have too many servers online on a node. Unfortunately, we are unable to fix this issue. Please wait 20-30 minutes, then try again.