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Configure Server.Properties for your Minecraft Server - Falix

What Is The Server.Properties File

The server.properties file is where your server’s configurations and settings are stored.

While the default configuration of a new Minecraft server works for most situations, you may wish to customize your server by tweaking a few of the configuration options and this will require you to modify the server.properties file.

Configuring The Server’s Settings

The server.properties file is a delicate file and editing it in the wrong way can break your minecraft server and prevent it from starting, so if you edit the ile you must respect its structure.

All Entries in the server.properties will have an “=” after the key’s name

Name Key Default Value Decription Acceptable values
Spawn Monsters spawn-monsters enabled Controls whether or not monsters or hostile mobs will spawn. Enabled or Disabled
Player vs Player pvp enabled Controls whether or not players can harm each other. Enabled or Disabled
Online Mode online-mode enabled Controls whether or not the server will authenticate players with Mojang’s servers. Enabled or Disabled
Spawn Animals spawn-animals enabled Controls whether or not animals will spawn in your worlds. Enabled or Disabled
Protected Spawn Size spawn-protection 16 Controls the number of blocks in each direction from your world’s spawn block that cannot be interacted with without being opped. Any interger between 0-16 (0 will disable spawn protection)
Whitelisting white-list Disabled Controls whether or not whitelisting is enabled is used. Enabled or Disabled
Allow Nether allow-nether enabled Controls whether players can travel to the Nether. Enabled or Disabled
View Distance view-distance 10 Controls the amount of world data that can be seen by a player at any given location. It has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 32.
Level Seed level-seed N/A Controls the seed your server will use when generating a new world. Any value is acceptable and no value will cause your server to use a random seed.
Allow Flying allow-flight Disabled Controls whether or not players are permitted to fly using exploits or mods. Enabled or Disabled
Game Mode gamemode 0 Controls the default game mode for the server. Acceptable values are Survival, Creative, Adventure, or Spectator (1.8+).
Difficulty difficulty 1 Controls the difficulty level for the server. Acceptable values are Peaceful, Easy, Normal, or Hard
Server Message motd A Minecraft Server Controls the message displayed below the server name in the Minecraft client. Any string under 60 characters is acceptable. Color and formatting codes, as well as special characters, may be used.
Rcon Port rcon.port A random five-digit number Controls the port needed to access your console using RCON. Acceptable values are any five-digit number not used by another server on your server’s node.
Enable Command Block enable-command-block true Controls whether command blocks can be used. True or False
Max Tick Time max-tick-time 60000 Controls the amount of time (in milliseconds) that a tick is allowed to take before the server crashes. Value must be an integer. (-1 to disable)
Enforce Secure Profile enforce-secure-profile true Controls whether players using third-party launchers are prevented from connecting to your server. true or false
Generate Structures generate-structures true Controls whether naturally-generated structures, such as villages, can spawn in new chunks on your server’s world. true or false
Require Resource Pack require-resource-pack false Controls if players who deny a server resource pack will be disconnected from the server. true or false
Broadcast Rcon to Ops broadcast-rcon-to-ops true Controls whether operators will see executed commands via RCON of other operators in chat. trur or false
Resource Pack Prompt resource-pack-prompt N/A Sets a custom resource pack prompt if a server resource pack is defined and require-resource-pack is set to true. Any message is allowed
Enable Rcon enable-rcon false Controls if RCON is enabled for the server, which allows operators to use the console remotely. true or false
Hide Online Players hide-online-players false Controls if the number of players online can be seen from the Minecraft launcher server list. true or false
Resource Pack resource-pack N/A Sets the server’s resource pack, making it easier for players to download the server’s resource pack, or make it mandatory. Acceptable values are download links configured to be downloadable by the server.
Simulation Distance simulation-distance 10 Controls the number of chunks in each direction from each player in which entities will remain loaded. It has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 32
Rcon Password rcon.password N/A Sets a password for RCON to use your server’s console remotely. Password can be anything you want
Player Idle Timeout player-idle-timeout 0 Controls if and when players will be kicked from the server if they are idle. If the value is an integer other than 0, players will be kicked when they are idle for that number of minutes. any interger
Force Gamemode force-gamemode false Controls whether or not players should be in the same gamemode as the server every time they join the server. By default, players stay in the same gamemode they had before logging out of the server. true or false
Hardcore hardcore false Controls whether or not hardcode mode is enabled. When enabled, players are set to spectator mode after they die. true or false
rBoadcast Console To Ops broadcast-console-to-ops true Controls whether operators will see executed commands of other operators in chat. true or false
Spawn Npcs spawn-npcs true Controls whether or not villagers spawn. true or false
Previews Chat previews-chat true Controls whether players can preview their messages with how they will actually look in chat before sending them, particularly regarding styling. true or false
Enforce Whitelist enforce-whitelist false Controls whether or not the whitelist is enforced with regard to online players when the whitelist is reloaded. Any player not on the whitelist will be kicked from the server if set to true. Enabled or false