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Configure plugin Buycraft - Falix


Developer: Tebex

Download this Plugin

What is Buycraft?

Buycraft is a platform for server owners to fund their servers, providing a website for the sale and distribution of in-game items, ranks, and cosmetics

Register and Setup Webstore

To Download Buycraft you will need to register on the Tebex website you can register here. After you have registered and verified your email address you will need to create a website. To make your website choose a name for it then the currency for it, then you will need to make a description, once you do that you will need to agree to the EU Standard Contractual Clauses.

You can’t change the website’s information after your save it.

Installation Process

Once you have registered for Tebex and created the webstore you can download the plugin, and choose the plugin that corresponds with your server software. Once you have downloaded the plugin, you will need to upload it to your Minecraft servers, Plugin, or Mods folder, once you place it in the mods/plugins folder you will need to go to the console tab and press start server.


Linking Tebex To Your Server

Linking Tebex to your Minecraft server is a simple process, just copy the command that Tebex gives you after you set up your webstore and send it to your server console, if successful it will show the following


Customizing The Webstore

Now that your server is linked you will need to customize your webstore. After you have finished the setup you will want to upload an icon and Favicon you can do that here the images can be any size. On the same page, you can also edit the site template and the site theme.

Creating A Package

To Create a package you will need to go to the packages page once you are on the page you will press add new then press package. Then you will name the package and then give it a description then you will set the price after that you can choose to set limits, restrictions, package visibility, choose to allow gifting or not, variables, goals, and finally upsell .