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Why choose FalixNodes as Hosting provider?

We will always give you the best experience which we can provide so you could sleep without issues in your minecraft server or discord bot host.

You do not like something? Contact us! We will solve it and you will not need to spend hours to determinate the issue.

  • Free Hosting
  • Powerful hardware for your service
  • Good Support Team to solve your issues

Powered by AMD Epyc

We provide excellent hosting powered by AMD Epyc to try to keep the lag to the minimum.

Our Machines

We never hide any nasty information about our hosting, you can view our Machines uptime and other information.

Machines Status

Use excellent panel

We use Pterodactyl to provide you the full service control! You will not regret using it.

Great Support

We have great support team which will help you in any situation at any time. (8:00-22:00 EEST) so you can enjoy your services without any trouble.

Excellent Hardware

We also provide excellent hardware for your services at top notch datacenters. So you would get lagless service.

Control your service with user friendly panel

We are using custom Client Panel and Pterodactyl so you could experience user friendly experience with us. At Client Panel, You can create, cancel and modify your services. At Pterodactyl, You can control your service within few clicks to get the result! Create now to get smooth experience.

What are you waiting for?

Take our free hosting now! It is free and you can start using it any time!