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Aternos vs Falix

Switch from Aternos to Falix to benefit these neat features on top of your Free Minecraft Server.

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Minecraft Community

With Falix, you get full control over your Free Minecraft Server

Unlike Aternos, we provide full access to your server files with ability to upload custom plugins and modify files as you wish.

Free Minecraft Server Console

Awesome User-friendly interface

Unlike Aternos, our website interfece is great for both beginners and advanced users on managing Free Minecraft server or kingdom of Free Minecraft servers.

Do great things with others with Falix

Unlike Aternos, we offer team oriented dashboard to provide you with seamless interaction with your friends on building your Minecraft server!

Access Sharing
Minecraft Addons

Limitless Creativity with Mods and Plugins

Unlike Aternos, you may upload any kind of custom map, plugin or mod you wish to use on your Minecraft server in Falix.

Aternos vs Falix


Location Chicago, United States & Germany Germany
CPU Power 200% 200%
Allocated Memory 4-5 GB 2.5 GB
Disk Storage 7.5 GB 4 GB
Full access
No Queue
Player Slots
Plugin Slots
Mod Slots
Backup Slots 3 Required
SFTP Support
Custom Software/Jar

This data was last recorded on March 3rd, 2023.

* - It is estimated value, we may not be certain that it is correct information due to lack of transparency.

This data was last recorded on March 3rd, 2023.

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