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FalixNodes is Free Minecraft Server Hosting Provider which has been providing completely free Minecraft Server since 2018. We have thousands of good reviews and more than half million users trusting us. Just sign up and try it yourself.

Minecraft Community

140,000 Free Minecraft Servers are hosted with us

750,000 Users trust us

1,600 Great Reviews

Your own Free Minecraft Server at your fingertips

It can be annoying when other hosting providers set restrictions for your Free Minecraft Server, which is why we provide you restriction-free Minecarft Server for you without having to pay any extra. Get full access to your Minecraft Server console, file manager and many more.

Free Minecraft Server Console

Begineer-friendly and expert-friendly game panel

With our custom game panel, you can control your Free Minecraft Server the way you want it to be, from begineer friendly versions installer and plugins installer to database management and FTP access, we got you covered no matter what you need for your Minecraft Server administration.

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Share your work with other players

Minecraft Server administration and management can be really tight! That's why we allow you to share your Minecraft Server access to other admins. They will have same set of tools as you have, or if you want, you can reduce the tools you want to share with them to tighten your Minecraft Server security.

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Access Sharing
Minecraft Addons

No Limitations

We do not have any limitations on how many plugins, mods or worlds you have in your Minecraft Server, we also allow custom uploaded plugins for free. Do not get limited by restrictions, try Falix.

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Other reasons to use Falix

Easy to manage

Our game panel is made especially for day-to-day Minecraft server management with easy tools.

Access to all files

We do not lock your Minecraft server data, you are free to download them and modify them as you please.

Access Sharing

You can let your team of people manage your Minecraft server while you are away.


You can make your Minecraft server unique with various plugins, mods and datapacks with our easy tools.

Full Access

You will always be the owner of your server. Enjoy your full access to your Minecraft server.

Free Databases

Get your free MySQL Database just for your Minecraft server.

Falix vs Others


CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D @ 5.7GHz Intel Xeon / Intel i7 @ 3-4GHz AMD Epyc 7351P @ 2.9 GHz AMD EPYC 7443P @ 4.0 GHz
Location Chicago, United States & Germany Germany Canada & Germany ?
CPU Cores 1.2 (up to 1.4 for free) 2 2 2
Memory 6GB (up to 8GB) ~2.4GB (allocated ~1.4GB) 1GB 1GB
Storage 15GB 4GB 5GB 20GB
Ability to upgrade for free
Public Node Status
No Queue
Server Slots 3 (up to 5 for free) 3 1 2
Player Slots 10 10
Plugin Slots 10
Mod Slots 10
Backup Slots 3 Required 1
SFTP Support (FTP Only)
Online 24/7
Custom JARS

This data was last recorded on March 3rd, 2023.

* - It is estimated value, we may not be certain that it is correct information due to lack of transparency.

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Covered under 14-day refund policy

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X (US) | Intel Core i9-13900 (EU) | AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (SG)
Location: Chicago, United States | Falkenstein, Germany | Singapore

DDoS Protection: 12 Tbit/s Path.net (US) | Archor (DE) | OVH Game Protection (SG)



$8,70/mo €7,99/mo £6,84/mo Purchase


$13,03/mo €11,99/mo £10,25/mo Purchase


$17,37/mo €15,99/mo £13,66/mo Purchase


$26,06/mo €23,99/mo £20,49/mo Purchase


$34,75/mo €31,99/mo £27,33/mo Purchase


$69,52/mo €63,99/mo £54,70/mo Purchase
Server Slots*
Dedicated CPU Power Coverage*
Dedicated Memory Coverage*
CPU Power(each) 3 CPU Threads @ 5.60 GHz* 3 CPU Threads @ 5.60 GHz* 4 CPU Threads @ 5.60 GHz* 5 CPU Threads @ 5.60 GHz* 6 CPU Threads @ 5.60 GHz* 6 CPU Threads @ 5.60 GHz*
Memory 4GB 6GB 8GB 12GB 16GB 32GB
Emergency Memory Overhead Extra 0.8GB Extra 1.2GB Extra 1.6GB Extra 2.4GB Extra 3.2GB Extra 6.4GB
Disk Storage*
Unmetered Backups*
Unmetered Databases*
Unmetered Ports*
Dedicated Hardware*
No account activity checks
24/7 Online
Performance Boost Guaranteed*
Automatic Daily Backups
MOTD Ad-Removal
Priority Support
Access to new features

* - There is no software limit though it is still being limited by hardware limitations

* - Your CPU GHz may change at certain locations, please check our CPU in the specified location for accurate information..

* - Your server count is limited by amount of ram balance you have, please note that each server needs to have at least 1 GB to operate.

* - We guarantee that your server will run better in Premium Plans than in Free Plan. If not, get refund for free of charge!

* - By dedicated hardware, your server will be located in special machines which can be only used by Premium Users like you. Your spot is dedicated and we will always have available resources for your server to run smooth without any lag whatsoever.

Prices includes VAT or similar sales tax. Currency conversion is not real time updated and may mismatch of what is shown previously. Recorded in 16th August 2023.


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