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With Falix, you can create up to 3 Minecraft servers for free without worrying about your wallet.

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FalixNodes is Free Minecraft Server Hosting Provider which has been providing completely free Minecraft Servers since 2018. We have thousands of good reviews and more than half million users trusting us. Just sign up and try it yourself.

Minecraft Community

140,000 Servers are hosted with us

750,000 Users trust us

1,600 Great Reviews

Why us?

Easy to manage

Our game panel is made especially for day-to-day Minecraft server management with easy tools.

Access to all files

We do not lock your Minecraft server data, you are free to download them and modify them as you please.

Access Sharing

You can let your team of people manage your Minecraft server while you are away.


You can make your Minecraft server unique with various plugins, mods and datapacks with our easy tools.

Full Access

You will always be the owner of your server. Enjoy your full access to your Minecraft server.

Free Databases

Get your free MySQL Database just for your Minecraft server.

Falix vs Others


CPU Cores 1.2 (up to 1.4 for free)
Memory 5GB (up to 8GB for free) 1GB 1GB
Storage 15GB 4GB 5GB 20GB
Ability to upgrade for free
Public Node Status
No Queue
Server Slots 3 (up to 5 for free) 3 1 2
Player Slots 10 10
Plugin Slots 10
Mod Slots 10
Backup Slots 3 Required 1
SFTP Support (FTP Only)
Online 24/7
Custom JARS

This data was last recorded on March 3rd, 2023.


Falix Customer


Falix is a great free or paid service. I used both of them and they are good. They are much better then the competitors. You have fully control of every plugin and file. And you can upgrade your server for free. You can also play as long as you want on it. It’s stays online when someone is on the server. And you can also buy 24/7. It has great performance and you never really get that much lag. Its super cool!!!

Falix Customer


I have used FalixNodes for 15 months now and i've seen it grow along with my servers, the Premium plans are cheap and greatly balanced.


As a free hosting service, this is by far one of the best if not the best in its category. It comparing to the well known aternos hosting, Falix lets you customize all of the configs, game files, everything you'll ever need to customize will not be locked behind a giant paywall. The performance they offer for free of charge is reasonable too


Honestly I Have been using this host for like 1 year they never disappointed me. Their support system is also nice, out of every host i used this one was the most fastest i always get over 18 tps in my server. The main thing is its free. This host helped my friends Play together thy

Lorenz Fearer

This hosting is one of the best ones out there... it's 24/7 has good support.. you can host a lot of games other than Minecraft and terraria and so much more! Big thanks to reptile for helping me setup my private server for me and my friends :)

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