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Always Online - Get Free Minecraft Server 24/7

With Always Online, you can be sure that your Minecraft Server will be online for anybody to join.

Get your 24/7 Minecraft Server now
Minecraft Community

How does this work?

Always Online can be purchasable by FalixCoins and can be purchased in unlimited times. Always Online tokens works up to 5 days per purchase. Earn FalixCoins by inviting friends, joining various servers, and actively using Falix. It's important to note that FalixCoins cannot be purchased with real money and should not be considered as real or in-game currency. These coins are a unique way to access special features within Falix and are earned exclusively through participation and engagement with the Falix community.

Why Always Online?

Your server is 24/7 online

Exclusive in the market

True 24/7 Online

Same priority

Falix vs Others


CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D @ 5.7GHz Intel Xeon / Intel i7 @ 3-4GHz AMD Epyc 7351P @ 2.9 GHz AMD EPYC 7443P @ 4.0 GHz
Location Chicago, United States & Germany Germany Canada & Germany ?
CPU Cores 1.2 (up to 1.4 for free) 2 2 2
Memory 6GB (up to 8GB) ~2.4GB (allocated ~1.4GB) 1GB 1GB
Storage 15GB 4GB 5GB 20GB
Ability to upgrade for free
Public Node Status
No Queue
Server Slots 3 (up to 5 for free) 3 1 2
Player Slots 10 10
Plugin Slots 10
Mod Slots 10
Backup Slots 3 Required 1
SFTP Support (FTP Only)
Online 24/7
Custom JARS

This data was last recorded on March 3rd, 2023.

* - It is estimated value, we may not be certain that it is correct information due to lack of transparency.


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