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User Agreement

Welcome to Falix, and thank you for using our services. By registering on our website and using our services, you agree to all terms in the User Agreement listed below, which we, as a company, will strictly enforce, and you, as a user, will respect and comply with. It is mandatory that all users go through the terms below and adhere to them, with no exceptions.

Upon registering, you agree that you are of 13 years of age or older, meet the digital consent of age in your local jurisdiction and that you agree to our Privacy Policy, our Guidelines and, of course, with our User Agreement. If you do not agree with our terms after registration, you have the right to delete all your collected data from our services, unless the data needs to be retained for legal purposes.

If you violate our User Agreement, Guidelines, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Refund Policy, we reserve the right to stop, terminate, delete, and reset your account. The aforementioned actions may also be carried out in any other situations we deem necessary. Such agreement includes, but is not limited to, your data, servers and services.

Laws Reinforcement

If any law in your country does not comply with the distribution of our services, you will be denied access to them. Some laws may require the user to have a different age than the one required globally by us; in this case, the country’s law will overrule the one set by us. If you do not respect and obey your country’s law while using our services, we have the right to take appropriate action as a violation of the User Agreement.

Policy and Agreement Changes or Updates

We have the full right to update our User Agreement, Guidelines, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Refund Policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes made to our policies will take effect within 24 hours of being updated. Any change related to critical parts of service usage such as data handling will be notified through communication means such as website popup, alert, email, phone call or support community servers.

Falix Account Management

Upon creating an account and by using our services, you agree that:

Servers and Services Made by You

After creating your services or servers on our systems, you agree that:


Upon signing up or using any of our services, you must follow our guidelines.

Cancelling the Service

Upon the deletion of a user’s account by the said user, all the data relating to their account will be deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Data which we require to withhold will be retained for legal purposes. You may request a refund for your purchases if you meet our 14-day refund window by contacting us at our billing panel.

Once your account or servers have been deleted, there will be no means of recovery, meaning they cannot be recovered.

Refund Policy and Requests

You have the right to request a refund of any charges on our services within a validity period of 14 days after purchase. You may include reasons and suggestions in the refund request. Some services we provide may not be refundable; these being services which was manually drafted or made by our administration. 14 days refund policy does not apply for payments done after initial subscription payment.

After the refund request is fulfilled, any subsequent requests for the refund of the same service will be denied. All our requests may take up to 5 working days.

You are not allowed to chargeback or ask for a refund through our payment gateways. You may contact us to resolve the situation properly. Any chargebacks or payment gateway refunds will result in the indefinite termination of your account until you pay the amount paid plus a 20 EUR fee.

The only methods of requesting a refund are: our billing panel


We reserve right to delete created services and servers by you after 30 days of inactivity. You will be notified of upcoming deletion in your provided email address with right to cancel the deletion. You may reset this count by logging back into your account in the Client Panel. In the event that your servers and services are deleted, we will not be held responsible for any loss of files and backups.

Support for Falix Services

You agree that any support you receive from other users who are not part of our official support team is entirely subjective and does not represent our intentions, support, choices, changes or updates. In addition, you agree that our official support team will not prioritise your support request, excluding those that we consider to be of priority resolution.

We guarantee that personal information submitted to facilitate your support will not be made publicly available in any way, and that our team may request this information at any time. You, as a user, may terminate your support request at any time after it is created without any objections from us.

Our official support means are: our ticket system at billing panel

Downtime & Maintenance

Any downtime and maintenance periods will be publicly announced by us using either our Client Panel or Discord server. Any kind of slowness, overloads or connection problems with our services are not required to be publicly published in our announcement channels or websites. Any refund requests that have passed the validity period available in the Refund Policy due to service malfunctions or due maintenance will be denied.

Unmeasured Services

If the service provided by us indicates unmetered service, that indicates that you may freely expand your software limitations on the unmetered resource. Please note that we may introduce certain software limitations if we believe that the unmeasured service is used for out of scope purposes like storing large files, backups, logs and others. Unmeasured services are still limited by our hardware limitations.


We may provide coverage for certain promises upon purchase of the service. Currently we offer:

Dedicated CPU Power coverage ensures that we will always have extra CPU power to allocate to your service. Violation of Dedicated CPU Power coverage is if host machine which the service is located on is currently on 90-100% CPU Usage for longer than 10 minutes.

Dedicated Memory coverage ensures that we will always have extra memory to allocate to your service. Violation of Memory coverage is if host machine which the service is located on is currently on 90-100% RAM Usage for longer than 10 minutes.

Performance boost coverage ensures that your service will perform better than in our free plan. Violation of Performance boost coverage is if service is performing worse with condition that service has enough resources and has same configuration as it had in free plan.

If we fail to provide relevant coverage, then you may request full refund of relevant payment month of the affected services.

Copyright/Trademark/Original Notice

We are not affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB, Discord Inc or any company that owns the services or products for which we provide hosting. All brands and trademarks belong to their respective owners. Any support request about these services should be sent directly to our team, excluding only issues that we consider invalid and that are not related to our service in any way.

To host a Minecraft server, you must follow and abide by the Minecraft EULA.

Our only affiliated names are FalixNodes and Falix. Any website using our code, templates, panels or account systems that have no relation to our services and should be reported directly to our support team. If you have any problems with websites listed as exemplified, we will not be responsible for loss of resources, experimenting with bugs, lack of support, or refunds from these sources.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you believe any of our users content is in violation of the law and/or our User Agreement.