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Configure plugin DriveBackupV2 - Falix


Developer: MaxTheGinus

Download this Plugin

What is DriveBackupV2?

Using this plugin will allow your server to be automatically backed up to the cloud, or to your own device!

Setting up DriveBackupV2

Create a server and install Spigot or any of its forks, we recommend using Purpur or Paper. After its installation is complete, open your server’s file manager, find and open the folder named “plugins”, upload the downloaded .jar file and restart your server. Once done, go back to the plugins folder and you should see that a new folder was generated, usually named “DriveBackupV2”. Read the plugin wiki for instructions on how to set it up. Once you’ve successfully set it up, restart the server to apply your changes.

Your server must be turned on for the plugin to backup your files.